Islamic Funeral Services

The Masjid provides a complete bespoke funeral package from start to finish allowing the families of the bereaved to grieve.
The Masjid offers its funeral services to cater for all your needs.

If you are in need off our funeral service , please contact a member off our funeral services team.

Masjid al-Momineen

At Masjid al-Momineen we are committed to providing assistance and advice to help you and your family in the event of a bereavement. We are dedicated to providing clear and simple information to families at a difficult time.

Our funeral team is made up of members of the Masjid and scholars that are representative of both men and women.

In the event of a death

When an unfortunate death occurs, please contact our funeral team who will attend as quickly as possible.
The family will need to nominate a single point of contact to liaise with our team. This will help streamline communication and ensure decisions are made swiftly on behalf of the family.

What we will do
  1. Assist you to obtain a Death Certificate
  2. Assist you in registering the death
  3. Arrange and assist registration of burial of the funeral
  4. Arrange the Ghuls, shrouding, Salatul Janazah and final burial
  5. Organise and manage the aftercare (Arrange meals, qura’an khatam etc.)
  6. Bereavement counselling (If required)
  7. Islamic advice on wills, inheritance and Iddah.